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Wish Could Chat, but Oh So Busy . . .

October 16, 2012

Shopping!  One of my favorite bloggers Boubouteatime has moved on to retail, and her shop is gorgeous and so freakin’ stylish!  It’s making me want to shop for hours.  Truth be told, I wear t-shirts (cute ones, of course) daily now, so this site is perfect! So if you’ve trouble getting in touch with me today, rest assured it’s because I’m engrossed in filling my shopping cart with cool items from

Oh, this couch comes with my order? Yes, I’ll take it.

Can I order these colorful phones too? Will have to look into this, because it’d really make talking on my “landline” much more exciting.

If I buy this t-shirt for running it will definitely motivate me to run daily.  Going to the gym = cute outfits, hooray. Do they also sell the leather jacket? Honestly that’s really what I need.

Seeing cuter outfits in my future . . . Thanks to a hip website dedicated to , or more likely starting off with, tshirts !

When I Look at This Boat . . .

October 15, 2012

I really want to travel to Vietnam.  Have you been?  This photo makes me really hungry, particularly for vegetables and more particularly for Vietnamese food with a lot of cooked vegetables!  Please hold all my calls while I order some food! photo by Life in AsiaNZ

Carine Roitfield: Fashion Book

September 18, 2012

Carine Roitfield is publishing a new magazine called CR Fashion Book!  The first issue comes out this month! I’m so excited as I’ve always been a huge Carine fan.  From the few photos printed in the New York Times I can see that Carine’s become really baby crazy since she became a new grandma to baby Romy in May.  I can totally relate!

I love that babies and animals have a role in her photos, creating a warm, nurturing feeling of love and affection dressed up in beautiful designer clothes.  Can’t wait to see what else the magazine has in store for us! The New York Times wrote a great article about Carine’s new project.  I can’t wait to buy my own copy and leaf through all the beautiful images she’s created.  She is a fashion pioneer!  Read about her new magazine here.

I love this cover of CR Fashion Book with little chicks representing rebirth ~ a new beginning and only bright things ahead for Carine Roitfield and her new Fashion Book!

Vermont in the House

September 7, 2012

Vermont, the land of Cabot Cheese, ski resorts, Simon Pearce, and maple syrup.  Can New England get more beautiful?!  This is our coast’s answer to Tahoe.  It’s gorgeous.  So, I highly suggest planning a weekend vacation there for this fall or winter!  Or maybe even an extended weekend or full week, since there’s so much to see and do.  My Vermont vacation is in the works.  Here’s my “Green Mountains” vacation wish list:

1. Go on a Cabot Cheese-making tour at Liberty Hill Farm.  Eat lots of cheese.  Possibly sleep over.

2. Ski Killington, or at least sip hot chocolate in the beautiful mountain lodge, fireside, while reading the Sunday New York Times. 

3. Enjoy a romantic dinner at Simon Pearce restaurant.  Take a walk before dinner to take photos with the waterfalls in the background.  Visit the shop afterwards and buy some stemware, maybe a beautiful bowl, definitely a few goblets.

4. Visit Sugarbush Farm for a maple syrup-making demonstration and to pet some animals at the children’s petting zoo.  Of course buy maple candies as souvenirs.  Most likely gobble them all up addictively before we’re even back at our hotel, which will of course be in gorgeous Quechee or idyllic Woodstock, just nearby.

5. Finally visit my mother’s second alma mater, University of Vermont, in Burlington.  (She spent her early college experience at University of Ohio so must at some point visit that, too…. )

Have you ever visited Vermont?  Please comment with more suggestions of what to do there.  We can’t wait to visit!

London is Calling despite the Sunshine

August 28, 2012

Even though it’s sunny and beautiful today, it was rainy in the morning and I woke up feeling very London. So, I decided to go browsing at my favorite London clothier, Boden!  I love their fall and winter outfits for myself, baby Jack, and my nieces.  Here are my favorites!  For more of the London vibe, check out my From London With Love board on pinterest which I created for this Boden contest.  Hope I win!

1. Woven Crinkle shirt with gray pants.

2. Logo Jumper with pelican for baby Jack.

3. Corn Doves Dress for Roxanne.

4. Will wear the Bistro Crop Trouser all fall!

And to close, another lady who defines London style, Alexa Chung.

Happy Weekend!

August 24, 2012

Have a fabulous weekend!  Seeing any good films this weekend?

My favorite film actresses are Michelle Williams and Marion Cotillard.  Who are your favorites?  Michelle Williams via and the image of Marion Cotillard is via

What does a “Williamsburg Mama” Wear?

August 23, 2012

I have to dress up “trendy” for a photo shoot, but I suddenly feel like nothing in my wardrobe is trendy enough!  Time to go shopping . . . like any of these?  Image above via Style FilesFor more on Williamsburg, Brooklyn click here.

1. Dress by Myne at Dear Fieldbinder.

2. American Apparel lace summer dress.

3. Denim dress by Funktional at Dear Fieldbinder.

4. Cute gray dress available at Bird.

5. Green Kimchi & Blue dress at Urban Outfitters.

6. Peach dress by girl. by Band of Outsiders on sale at Saks. Love!