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Italy in Williamsburg

January 31, 2013

For all of you Italophiles who crave Aperol Spritz preceding a Papardelle Al Ragu followed by a Tiramisu, look no further than Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  There are several amazing and new-ish Italian restaurants located within walking distance of the Bedford L train stop that you just MUST checkout pronto, signore e signori. Why drop a thousand dollars on that plane ticket to Italy when you can eat like an Italian from whatever region you want right here in New York City?  Here’s the list, ciao a presto.Italy - Marignolle Florence

Antica Pesa – Rome – a gorgeous restaurant on Berry Street between North 7th and North 8th, Antica Pesa is the first North American outpost of the famed Rome restaurant of the same name.  If you can’t make it to Antica Pesa in Rome anytime soon or if you can and just want to also enjoy the Roman ambiance here in New York, then you must go to Antica Pesa.  Kisses on both cheeks, the warmest welcome you can imagine, Italian hospitality with beautiful delicious food to exceed all your Italian dream dinner expectations.  brooklynFood - AnticaPesa

Fabbrica – Modena (near Bologna) – on waterfront row in Williamsburg, Fabbrica’s sleek modern build-out starts impressing when you walk through the tall doors and doesn’t stop until you’re sipping your limoncello.  The chef was previously at the helm of a 2-Michelin star restaurant in Modena.  Seeking true Northern Italian cuisine? You’ve arrived at your destination. brooklynFood - Fabbrica

Osteria il Paiolo – Piemonte (Piedmont) and Torino – pappardelle al ragu, burrata , all the classic unbeatable Italian dishes are here at Il Paiolo , where you’ll also be happy to find real stylish decor, the most charming waiters, children welcome just like in Italy, and a true heart of the Williamsburg neighborhood.  This is my favorite. brooklynFood - OsteriaIlPaiolo

Aurora – Tuscany – they hold weddings here and I once saw Matthew Perry here.  Friends have seen Penn Badgley here.  And they often hold weddings here.  You get what I’m saying:  It’s cool, the ambiance is romantic, the food is original, the setting is warm, and it’s just darn pretty.   I always send my Manhattan friends here when they’re in the neighborhood. brooklynFood - Aurora

La Nonna – Naples – just returned from Naples and you’re craving an amazing pizza, then go to La Nonna.  But your mother wants pasta and your children want both?  Go here for your pizza when you just want it to go, or when you want to see down with your family for pizza and pasta as a break from your hectic day.  This is no frills. You are always welcome and you always leave so thankful that you stopped in.  I ordered La Nonna for my son’s birthday and everyone wondered where the amazing pizza came from.  Whenever anyone has La Nonna pizza, a new lifetime La Nonna fan is born. brooklynFood - LaNonna

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