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Take Me Out: New York Holiday Dinners Wishlist!

November 27, 2012

I’m compiling a list of restaurants where I want to take my out-of-town visitor friends this holiday season.  There are so many new ones that sound amazing!  How does one choose?  Most of my holiday wish list restaurants are in Brooklyn.  So maybe we just choose by where we want to shop and drink beforehand? Here’s my holiday dinners wishlist so far.  Foodies, please advise!  I do love New York so.  xoxo

1. Gwynnett Street – the most local is also the best. can’t wait to walk a few blocks to visit this gem, named best new restaurant of 2012 by Esquire magazine.

2. Talde – delicious and amazingly inventive asian cuisine in park slope.  is it now the best restaurant in the slope?  after my holiday meals i’ll let you know. they don’t take reservations. xo

3. Blanca ~ the splurge! Roberta’s expensive little sophisticate sister is written up all over town as a great way to spend a night and drop some serious dough (as in money-money-money), again in Williamsburg.  the ‘burg really does have it all.  photos by robert wright for nytimes.

4. Roberta’s for Brunch (again . . . loved it!) – yes I’m returning to Roberta’s with my Italian friends to show them how new yorkers recover in style after crazy holiday party nights.  the brunch like all else here does not disappoint.

5. Nights & Weekends – techically a bar that serves food “better than any bar’s should be” according to the New Yorker.  as a devotee of Five Leaves, I could not leave nights and weekends off my holiday wishlist.  at this point in our restaurant crawl, my italian friends will want to save some cash so we’ll do a cheaper night out here.  on the furthest edge of williamsburg, or one could argue technically this is greenpoint, we’ll enjoy another dinner with hipsters and pretty people. best. neighborhood. ever.

6. Extra Fancy – Seafood!!! The New York Magazine review states “An ‘upscale clam shack’ from partners Mark Rancourt (Macao Trading Co.) and Robert Krueger (Employees Only)”.  I don’t about you, but for me: ’nuff said, take me there.

7. Allswell – The chef comes from Spotted Pig and the restaurant has its own tumblr.  need I say more, williamsburg lovas?

8. Reynards – walk to the hottest corner of williamsburg and enjoy dinner here, after and before you relish the sunset view from the rooftop over drinks.  wythe hotel has it all!

9. Brooklyn Star – if you’re a meat lover then this joint is your mecca.  if you’re recovering from a broken heart, this is also your place for a heart-to-heart with friends over comfort food and serious drinks.

And then one on the island of Manhattan . . .

10. Mighty Quinn’s – you’ll have the best brisket sandwich of your life here.  And so will my italian friends when I take them here on our food tour!  I was very sad that this restaurant didn’t open in brooklyn after all us brooklyn devotees who would line up all day each saturday and sunday at their ‘Smorgasburg/brooklyn flea stand.  that said, they did suffer getting closed for 2 weeks and losing food and money after the Hurricane.  so they need our support, and the food really is unbelievably good.

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