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Wish Could Chat, but Oh So Busy . . .

October 16, 2012

Shopping!  One of my favorite bloggers Boubouteatime has moved on to retail, and her shop is gorgeous and so freakin’ stylish!  It’s making me want to shop for hours.  Truth be told, I wear t-shirts (cute ones, of course) daily now, so this site is perfect! So if you’ve trouble getting in touch with me today, rest assured it’s because I’m engrossed in filling my shopping cart with cool items from

Oh, this couch comes with my order? Yes, I’ll take it.

Can I order these colorful phones too? Will have to look into this, because it’d really make talking on my “landline” much more exciting.

If I buy this t-shirt for running it will definitely motivate me to run daily.  Going to the gym = cute outfits, hooray. Do they also sell the leather jacket? Honestly that’s really what I need.

Seeing cuter outfits in my future . . . Thanks to a hip website dedicated to , or more likely starting off with, tshirts !

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