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Vermont in the House

September 7, 2012

Vermont, the land of Cabot Cheese, ski resorts, Simon Pearce, and maple syrup.  Can New England get more beautiful?!  This is our coast’s answer to Tahoe.  It’s gorgeous.  So, I highly suggest planning a weekend vacation there for this fall or winter!  Or maybe even an extended weekend or full week, since there’s so much to see and do.  My Vermont vacation is in the works.  Here’s my “Green Mountains” vacation wish list:

1. Go on a Cabot Cheese-making tour at Liberty Hill Farm.  Eat lots of cheese.  Possibly sleep over.

2. Ski Killington, or at least sip hot chocolate in the beautiful mountain lodge, fireside, while reading the Sunday New York Times. 

3. Enjoy a romantic dinner at Simon Pearce restaurant.  Take a walk before dinner to take photos with the waterfalls in the background.  Visit the shop afterwards and buy some stemware, maybe a beautiful bowl, definitely a few goblets.

4. Visit Sugarbush Farm for a maple syrup-making demonstration and to pet some animals at the children’s petting zoo.  Of course buy maple candies as souvenirs.  Most likely gobble them all up addictively before we’re even back at our hotel, which will of course be in gorgeous Quechee or idyllic Woodstock, just nearby.

5. Finally visit my mother’s second alma mater, University of Vermont, in Burlington.  (She spent her early college experience at University of Ohio so must at some point visit that, too…. )

Have you ever visited Vermont?  Please comment with more suggestions of what to do there.  We can’t wait to visit!

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