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If the Cute Baby Shoe Fits . . .

August 3, 2012

Jack is now 9 and a half months old.  Time really flies!  He’s pulling himself up to standing and cruising around on every piece of furniture he can army crawl to.  So it’s time for some sort of shoes!  I emailed around with the moms in my moms group and we discussed the development of little baby feet.

At this stage, before they can really walk, it’s best for the babies to be barefoot or to wear very soft-soled shoes.  The shoes are really just for the outdoors, when they are cruising around in the park or the playground.  So I did some searching around for soft-soled baby shoes and here are the cutest shoes I could find.  How adorable are these socks-shoes by French brand Collegien!  I wish they sold them closer to home , but for now we may just have to order and hope that the shoe fits!  Which styles do you like best?  Here are some of my favorites.  All images from the Collegien website.

How cute are these little polka dots and face.

Aztec print, tres chic!

I love stripes!

And polka dots!

More stripes!!


subdued neutrals in a stripe

adorable babushkas


pop of bright red!

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