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Family Vacation, Milanese Style

July 20, 2012

Mother and daughter in matching summer whites.

We saw many families vacationing in Santa Margherita di Ligure, Italy.  Everyone enjoys creating memories with the little ones.  So cute!  So here are some pretty family vacationers in Santa Margherita.  Piccoli bambini!

How adorable is this little girl bonding with her grandma!

These boys had the cutest matching outfits. You should have seen the details on the sleeves. Wish they made children’s clothing like that in the states. Only in Italy!

There were always kids running in the streets.

Baby’s first shopping experience. She wants to enter that store. Momma let me in!

So summery in mother-daughter linen. Love linen in summer.

Family outing with floral print dress.

Vacationers of all ages were out for the passegiata.

More cute matching outfits, and a clever way to get around: skates!

This momma was riding with her son, Brooklyn style.

This momma’s baby is asleep. Oh wait, that’s me.

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