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A Ramble in Central Park

June 27, 2012

On the next beautiful day if you want to treat yourself to the best experience this side of the Atlantic that’s absolutely free, as in costs zero dollars, then I suggest you take a ramble in The Ramble.   Not just any old rambling about, I’m talking about THE RAMBLE.  Yes, it’s the most gorgeous and great-smelling walk-hike you can do, around verdant trees and turtle-filled ponds.  Today Jack and I took a walk in the Ramble.  As in, that place where you think you’ll get lost but you always end up at some gorgeous treasure trove of bridges, music, water, and people watching.  When you’re in The Ramble, it feels as if you’re in the center of a dense forest overflowing with wildlife and exotic plants. At Central Park, people.  See you there.  p.s. The Official Central Park website states that The Ramble is composed of 38 acres between 73rd and 78th streets, and between Fifth Avenue and Central Park West. 

View From The Ramble’s West Side Entrance

A Turtle Swimming Underneath a Bridge in The Ramble

Playing with some grass in The Ramble.

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