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3 Days in Catania

June 26, 2012

What’s that video game where you drive through insanely crazy streets, ignore all stoplights and everyone is out for himself?  Fasten your seat best and enjoy the ride.  Don’t even try to catch your breath.  This is Catania.

Do take a break for shopping the colorful food market and eating mouthwatering delicious meals.  I’m salivating just thinking of the meals we ate here.  Ok here’s where they were:  UNA Hotel Catania rooftop.  That was our hotel, which is where you must stay if you go, unless you rent a house which another friend of mine did and which I’d recommend doing if you have a child, so you can have a pool to swim in and you can really enjoy the gorgeous nature that the Catania countryside has to offer.  Otherwise, UNA Hotel Catania is beautiful, a bit fancy, and right in the center of everything, a calm oasis in the craziness of Catania. But I digress . . . their rooftop offers unparalleled views of Etna and the entire city.  You can go for drinks but you should also go dinner, since it’s quite wonderful.  The other restaurant you MUST. NOT. MISS. is Il Sale Art Cafe. Holy deliciousness, I could cry tears of joy for how much I loved our two dinners here. Ambiance, food, creative dishes, innovative flavors, presentation . . . This restaurant Il Sale Art Cafe had it all.  I love you Il Sale Art Cafe!!!!!! Get the raw fish platter with 5 different types of salt and you will not regret it. My husband insisted we come back the next night and get the exact same thing.

In sum, if you like wandering to beautiful settings where you may or may not find a helpful guide to help you when your lost – seriously, no one will hold your hand in Sicily unless you’re in a tourist location like Taormina – then Sicily is for you.

The region is famous for its tuna. Check out this big tuna!

Siracusa – We took a day trip here.

Pretty park in Catania’s center, near Sale Art Cafe.

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