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Music of the Subway

June 22, 2012

Don’t you love it when you run to make the subway and just miss the train?  Or arrive at the platform to find the wait is 10 minutes?!!  So frustrating!!  But, sometimes there’s something to cheer you up . . .  beautiful music!  Here are a few of the musical discoveries I’ve recently made in the subway station, which made, to my surprise, waiting for the train a delightful and enlightening experience!

1. Zack Orion.  This guy makes me want to dance a jig.  If I wasn’t so shy I’d be swinging and doh-see-doh’ing that guy in the gray tshirt or maybe mr. purple v-neck. Miss White T-shirt was getting her two-step on for this blue-grass master.  Can’t wait to see him again!  Just one more reason to visit Brooklyn………. Zack Orion.

2. Gabriel Royal.  A man and his bass.  Or is it a cello?  Well it’s a beautiful and very large string instrument, his voice is sweet and light.  You can take home his CD for $5 and you’ll fall in love, like I’m currently doing as I write this. Gabriel Royal.

3. Super Cute! .  These three girls dress like Punky Brewster meets Brooklyn hipster and with little ukeleles, make sweet pop music.  So poppy it makes your subway wait sparkle with cute musical joy. The really are Super Cute.

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