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The Brooklyn Baby Social

June 12, 2012

Brooklyn Baby Social Diet

Hello loyal readers,

I wanted to share with you my diet that I invented and have been doing for 3 weeks now.  It works, making the dieter feel full of energy and healthy!!  Think of it as more than just a weight loss regimen, but rather a lifestyle choice that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.  This isn’t about just losing a few pounds, it’s about eliminating parts of your diet that have been scientifically proven to be harmful.  The thing is . . . it’s not that hard, so you can follow this diet and feel like you’re being disciplined without being tortured!  Here are the FIVE SIMPLE RULES OF THE BROOKLYN BABY SOCIAL DIET:

1. No red meat. This is proven to cause cancer and because when meat is charred, the char has been shown to cause cancer.  Don’t believe me?  Read: More Red Meat, More Mortality.

2. No desserts. There’s an obesity epidemic and rising instances of diabetes and sugar is the major cause of it.  Bloomberg just banned 20 ounce sodas from being sold because, among other things, sugary drinks increase risk for heart disease.  Sugar also causes breakouts and saggy skin.

3. No nitrates. Nitrates is something pregnant women are recommended to limit quantities of.  Doctors don’t want nitrates in your amniotic fluid, so why should you want them in your body?  Research has suggested that nitrate intake should be limited.  Nitrates are found in hotdogs, cured meats, and deli meats.  To enjoy a turkey sandwich without nitrates, go to the Whole Foods deli counter and ask for nitrate-free turkey breast, then make your sandwich at home!

4. No pizza. In my experience, pizza may cause bad skin, lethargy, and since it contains so much white flour, it could be considered in my opinion “junk food.”  My sister-in-law to-be is a doctor and said when she went to a medical conference the presenting physician told all the doctors not to avoid eating white flour. So bye, bye pizza.

5. No beer.  Beer is just empty calories and causes a beer belly… it’s called “beer belly” for a reason!  It also gives no nutritional benefits … there’s no potassium, fiber, antioxidants, or vitamin C in those bubbles.

Try the Brooklyn Baby Social Diet for 3 weeks!  That’s what I did and now I’m feeling great, and plan to keep it up for a while longer!  Let me know if you try it and how it goes!!  xoxo

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