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North 6th Street: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

June 11, 2012

Let’s go shopping, people!  One of the most fun places to shop in all of NYC is Brooklyn!  And if it’s cutting-edge anything you’re after, well then you’d best start your shopping tour in Williamsburg.  This neighb is fun to walk around not only for the hipsters, the gorgeous people riding fixed gear bicycles, and the incredible food, but because of the bags of goodies you can return home with to wow your friends.  Yes, Williamsburg has great shopping. Come here or be in the rear (of fashion trends) .  (like that rhyme?) . Do you have a favorite block or street in Brooklyn?  For more on Williamsburg click here.

The best street to start any Williamsburg shopping expedition is North 6th Street for its density of stylish, unique, cutting-edge and gorgeous boutiques.  Here is a little tour of my favorites. xoxo

Start at Bedford and North 6th and stop into Shoe Market to replenish your shoe collection.  You can never have too many shoes, right?  Not when they’re this cute, I tell you……. shop shop shop!  Start at Shoe Market, then continue towards the waterfront to purchase a flirty summer romper, pretty lingerie, new headphones, a fun throw pillow, a bright bull head to brighten your living room, baby clothes for your favorite nephews and nieces, a shirt for your boyfriend, ramen to stave off hunger, and an iced coffee to rev you up for some more shopping on Grand Street later!

Cubana Social, a delicious restaurant on North 6th Street.

1. Shoe Market for women’s shoes, men’s shoes, baby shoes, socks, and sunglasses.

2. Toby’s for iced coffee.

3. The Future Perfect for pillows, ottomans, and gifts like pitchers, trays, mugs, and throw blankets.

The Future Perfect has gorgeous funky throw pillows.

4. A&G Merch for cool place mats, coasters, wall art, and why not a couch!

5. Honey for sexy lingerie to wear at the impromptu date you’ll have when you meet that new hottie at Ides later on.

6. Sweet William, Smoochie Baby, and Flying Squirrel to spoil all your friends’ babies.

Smoochie Baby has the best baby clothes, it’s on Wythe right off North 6th Street, closer to North 7th.

7. American Apparel to update your tshirt, shorts, skirts, sweatshirt, etc. collections, and also some jewelry, bags, and more sunglasses.

8. Osteria il Paolo for some wine.  Vino, por favore.

9. Meg for a flirty short dress and cute belt.

Cadet has cool men’s clothes, all Made in Brooklyn.

10. Cadet so your boyfriend can dress like the hipster artist you’ve always daydreamed of dating.

11. Sweet Water for a delicious burger, because everyone craves red meat after this much shopping, unless everyone is vegetarians.

Flying Squirrel has super adorable baby clothes, hats, socks, accessories, and toys! They also have a great second-hand collection and will buy back cute baby items.

Come to Bakeri for the best baked goods, try the Skole Brod, Lavender Shortbread, and Seasonal Salad. Check out the cute garden in the back.

Create your very hip dream apartment by shopping at A&G Merch.

12. Shoe Market, again, because surely you can’t stop thinking about that pair of shoes you didn’t buy.

Bon shopping mes amis!!  xoxo

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  1. happygoluckygal permalink
    June 12, 2012 2:13 am

    Broklyn looks like heaven for shoppoholic..!!:)

  2. June 20, 2012 3:24 am

    the baked stuff looks good hey…mmmmh…

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