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Weekly Wrap-Up!

June 1, 2012

This has been a really fun week! Jack did his 7-month scootch across the living room to his toy piano, had his first park picnic with baby friends, and grabbed Mark’s tail for the first time.  Here are a few internet highlights we enjoyed here in New York City, and would love to share with you in case you missed them.  Also, some fun upcoming events.  Happy weekend!

You playing for me?

Week’s internet highlights:

 I learned that the guy I dated before graduate school made this charming stop-motion animation video which has over 5 million views!  Does this give me some internet street-cred or nerd-status or something?  I hope so!!  Cute video.

Some of the most moving photographs of all time, compiled with a description of each.  These will bring tears to your eyes.  As my friend Fleur said best, “May our children live through many days of triumph and none of the heinous wars.” Powerful photos.

It’s been a few weeks but I still can’t stop watching this hilarious video.  Anyone else love it?  Seriously, how funny is this guy?! Taran, I’m your biggest fan!!  Please invite me to SNL and then let’s go dancing!  Taran doing Robyn.

Don’t miss Family Fun on the Williamsburg Pier happens this weekend!  We’ll be attending to show our support for Camp Brooklyn Fund, a program which sends Brooklyn kids to sleep-away camp.  We love love LOVE sleep away camp, and  think it’s so important for little ones to get out into the countryside in summer.

Taran does Robyn!

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