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Jack Eats Peas!

May 23, 2012

We started Jack on solids at 6 months because friends said that you should wait until your baby shows interest in solids.  Jack was doing a lot of reaching towards foods on the table, so we decided it was time.  The usual recommended time to start solids is 4 months to 7 months.  So, at 6 months we tried rice cereal.  Jack was not into it.  Then  after a few days of Jack consistently making icky faces and spitting out the cereal we tried carrots.  Jack was not that into carrots.  Again they all ended up on his bib and the floor.  Next was sweet potatoes, then pureed mango, then avocado.  All of it rejected by our little gourmand Jack.  So it was quite exciting yesterday when Jack tried peas, kept them in his mouth and ate them, and reached for more and more!  In fact, first he ate the peas that I put into his mouth, then he pulled the whole spoon into his mouth, and then went for the bowl and tried to eat that, too!  He just couldn’t get enough of peas!!  So, after over a month of trying, he finally likes a solid food!!  Hooray for peas!!  Peas, peas, more peas please!  Here are two photos from his first real meal, at 7 months and 5 days old.  xoxoHelping the baby eat: “make my day” catch-all bib and a Playtex babies spoon.

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