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Too Cute! Too Expensive!

November 17, 2011

I’m sorry for the delay in posts.  I became a mother over the past months and it’s really been a crazy, exhausting, wonderful journey.  I know it’s just the beginning and I’m SO happy for that.  My husband and I are so, so in love with our new little guy, so between meeting his needs and meeting our needs to play and cuddle with him, there’s been little time to blog.  But I’ve missed blogging so hopefully this is it, I’m back.

So, now for this post:  I’m just talking about my tastes in clothes and, ridiculously, expensive baby clothes. Yes, there’s a little bundle in this apartment, we call him the Little Teradactyl due to his cute meeping noises. Anyway, sometimes when he’s napping I take a break from cleaning, pumping, and folding baby clothes to cruise the internet for more baby clothes. Today for some reason I signed myself up for StellaWorld. WHY OH WHY?! These cute emails of Stella McCartney’s baby line will be such a tease, showing me expensive textiles when what I really need are discounted Osh Kosh onesies and Baby Gap clothes (my two other baby favorites, actually). Anyway here are some pics . . . how cute are these clothes!!

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