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Williamsburg 2.0

September 1, 2011

My newest obsession is the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg. With a brand-new waterfront park and the greatest gastronomy options east of the Hudson River, it’s an idyllic setting for summer days in the city. Just look at this lady chilling on the waterfront yesterday!

If you want the perfect waterfront picnic, head down Bedford, turn right at North 3rd, and stop at Depanneur on your way to the waterfront. Currently I’m addicted to the orange brioche (for breakfast picnics) and the beets-and-eggs sandwich (for midday) at Depanneur, but their gourmet snack options are endless. I also can’t get enough of: the made-to-order donuts at Dumont Burger, the deep-fried dill pickles at Two Door Tavern, and the honey butter at Pies N’ Thies, the avocado sandwich at Bakeri, and the Fleur de Sel chocolate bar at Mast Brothers Chocolate. Also lovely are the design eye candy at The Future Perfect and the cute guys eye candy at Mast Brothers Chocolate. More obsessions to be revealed soon . . .

Oh and I visited the waterfront post-hurricane Irene with my dog and my babybump. The bump is getting very large, I occasionally forget how big and bump it on things like kitchen counter corners. But alas, nearing just one month away from holding the little guy in our hands. It will all be worth it then 🙂

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  1. September 3, 2011 9:47 pm

    I must visit you!!! The fluer de sel chocolate bar sounds AMAZING..and bakeri too 🙂
    Miss you!! love d

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