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Keeping Cool: Ices & Ice Cream!

June 9, 2011

On this super hot day I thought I’d share my favorite spots for cool desserts in downtown Manhattan.  This is an essential guide for summer in the city!

1. Sundaes & Cones – 99 E. 10th Street, near 3rd Ave. for classic homemade ice cream in dozens of flavors.  My favorite is mint chocolate chip.

2. Chikalicious – 203 East 10th Street, near 2nd Ave., for shaved ice.  Exceptionally delicious with red bean topping!  This is also a dieters cheat for when you want dessert but don’t want all the calories of ice cream.

3. Kung Fu Tea – 241 E. 10th Street, near 1st Ave., for cold & refreshing bubble tea drinks.  You can get some with green tea flavors but my favorite is milk tea with red bean, yum.

3. Ciao Bella Gelato – 285 Mott Street, between Prince and Houston, for classic Italian gelato.

4. Cremeria – 178 Mulberry Street, between Broome and Kenmare.  Brand new gelato outlet on the south end of Nolita.  Yumzilla!

5. Grom Gelato – 233 Bleecker Street, at 6th Avenue, for their delicious gelato flavors, among which the “Crema di Grom” is a shining star.

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