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Guilty Pleasure: Million Dollar Decorators

June 8, 2011

So I’ve been watching the new program Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo.  Are these people for real?  The only one I still like is Kathryn Ireland and I guess her gay friend is also bearable.   The rest of them though… it’s like the Desperate Housewives of New York with a million dollar budget and my-taste-rules-so-I-can-buy-what-I-want entitlement.  I would NOT hire any of these people , except again Kathryn Ireland.  It’s absurd how they just spend with abandon without even considering any kind of budget restrictions, even when they were asked by their clients to keep budget in mind!  This should be called Million Dollar Decorator Divas.  That brown-haired Barbie with all the plastic surgery is the worst!!  Kathryn Ireland may only be saved by her British accent and the fact that she is au natural and for that reason seems somewhat down to earth. Photos to come . . .

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