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Sweet Dreams: Patternful Bedrooms

March 4, 2011

I’ve always loved the country look in a city apartment. In a city as hectic as New York there’s nothing better than coming home and feeling like you could be anywhere, even in backcountry of the Berkshires, due to the warmth and comfort of your apartment.  Recently some of my favorite magazines have been featuring bedrooms with too many patterns to count, that look just stunning when put all together. I love these three bedrooms so much, but the first is my favorite. Which do you like? Sources: House Beautiful, New York Magazine, and Country Living
I think I love this country-in-the-city feel because when I was in high school, I had a friend there who lived in Manhattan with her mother, and her mother was a designer for Ralph Lauren Home. One evening after work I went with another intern to my friend’s apartment and when her mom opened the apartment door we were bombarded with a wonderland of flowers and striped prints, in all differents shades of blue and white, with layer upon layer recalling wistful afternoons in the countryside. It was like running away to the Lakes District, albeit from a high-rise apartment in the upper 90’s of Manhattan. That feeling like we’d escaped to the English countryside after a mere few minutes in an elevator is a sensation that’s stayed with me and definitely informs my taste.

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