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Fashion Friday: Facehunter

March 4, 2011

COLOR!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite fashion photographers is Yvan Rodic, more popularly known as the Facehunter.  Below are some photos he took at recent fashion weeks in Milan, Istanbul, London, and New York.   I love that color is big for spring and autumn! Everything’s coming up roses and daffodils and lilacs! Milan New York <a London London Istanbul Milan Milan London

Yvan the Facehunter travels around the world to all the fashion capitols and smaller cities like his hometown of Vevey, Switzerland, photographing men and women whose style piques his photographic interest.  He then puts his favorite photographs on his blog which is a compendium of style and beauty of all shapes and tastes.   Not everyone photographed makes the cut!  If you’d like to meet the man behind the lens, here’s an entertaining short video of Yvan choosing his subjects and shooting photos in Manhattan.  You can see why some who get photographed still don’t make it onto his blog, and why like any smart, sophisticated man Yvan loves Manhattan.

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