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Barcelona: Nights

March 1, 2011

Barcelona has the BEST PARTIES!!!! Well the most fun part of our Barcelona vacation was probably the nights.  Of course this is to be expected with 7 wild ladies on a hen weekend from New York City, we wanted a great time!!  I recommend the following bars.  These are the hip nightlife spots of Barcelona currently, although you could probably do without Sutton. Oh and as a special welcome to this post, the bachelorette with a British stag party we met on our London-Barcelona flight!  Don’t you love their outfits?!

CDLC & Opium: These clubs are right on the beach and you can enter from Paseo Maritim.  On a good night you can find an awesome party here, like we did!!  We went out the first night with advice from my Spanish friend Miguel and Italian friend Michele to the Port Olympic clubs.   CDLC was our favorite.  We danced the night away and met many people, including some stag weekenders from France who gave us cute white hats.  We also met local Barcelona guys.  Oh there was also a pole dancer – go-go dancer lady and she was very talented.  The space at CDLC is gorgeous and there are 4 different rooms, so you can make the night your own however you wish.

Sutton: The second night we followed advice from our new Barcelona friend Rai and went to Sutton.  He said this is where all the locals went but it looked more like international students studying locally but clearly from all over the world.  Since they were in their young 20’s and the club was much less classier than the port clubs, this was not our favorite scene.

L’Ovella Negra: On Sunday we met up with Nicole’s friend Juan Pablo who is an artist living in Barcelona.  He and his two artist cousins took us to their favorite bar, which they forewarned us was bare-bones and dirty but actually we LOVED it!!  And guess what: I’ve been here twice, ten years ago!!  It was L’Ovella Negra! 

Such a cute place, maybe most of all due to the giant vat of sangria we were able to order, complete with a spout.  We came here right after the FC Barcelona win and the bar was filled with locals also returning from that game, everyone obvs in a very happy mood!

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