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Cabo: So Many Animals!

January 28, 2011

This is a continuation of Baja Baby: Beaches and Cabo-licious Food … Reviews and some helpful hints for super fun travels in Cabo San Lucas, MEXICO!!

Tip #10:  Go to the Pacific facing hotels for sunset drinks, and you can enjoy watching the whales go by as you sip your cocktails.

Tip #11:  Do a whale-watching trip or snorkeling or a sunset cruise, each of which will allow you to do whale watching.  We did Cabo Expeditions for our whale-watching trip.  For this trip, I recommend going on the earliest boat (8 or 9am) since that’s when there you can see the most whales.  We also saw sea turtles and a school of thousands of giant colorful jellyfish.  Our guide Beth was wonderful, she’ s a marine biologist.

Tip #12:  At the opposite end of the day, the whales appear again… we saw them when we did the Pez Gato catamaran sail at sunset.

As an aside, let me tell you about Pez Gato ….  This awesomely fun party sunset cruise was not what we originally signed up for.  That was the Tropisail romantic jazz “snooze cruise.”  I signed up for it thinking it would be beautiful and romantic to be on a sailboat at sunset, but when we got on board there was Kenny G elevator music blasting and the ship was overrun, there was barely space to move.  We were peeved, because we paid a lot of money and were facing 3 hours of the worst elevator Kenny G music you could imagine, seriously the equivalent of being stuck in an very crowded elevator.  Later I also noticed that this boat was nowhere near the amazing whales that we saw.  Avoid this boat:

But, just next door I saw an almost-empty boat, also a catamaran but a bit smaller, with no food but a friendly looking bartender, all young people except one hip older (70’s or 80’s for sure) couple….. So, I went to the entrance plank of our boat and asked if we could switch boats, and to my pleasant surprise the nice ticket lady said “Sure, why not?”  SO I gestured to my husband and we bid syonara to that awful jazz snooze cruise.  The Pez Gato was sooooo much fun !!!  Young people, delicious margaritas, great dance music, a beautiful sunset, and then, as icing on the cake . . . .

a treat to top all treats, I looked off the boat and screamed “omg whale jumping!!”  And everyone looked, and there, right before us, a gray whale breaching the water over and over again.  It’s like we caught him in his little playtime, he was just jumping around having the best time.

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