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NYC: a cultural list

January 11, 2011

I thought I’d delight your Tuesday morning with some internet candy: links to all the cultural hits on The Approval Matrix from New York Magazine.  For fun, try to guess where these all fall on the Approval Matrix highbrow-lowbrow and brilliant-despicable ratings chart.

Movies: Somewhere, Space Jam, The Brick Thief

Books: The Year of the Hare

Performance: A Small Fire“Maybe I’m Amazed” sung by David Grohl

Music: “Part of Me” by Katy Perry

Television: Doc Martin, The Bachelor, 24/7

Links: The

Other: Rum House, Bert Blyleven makes Hall of Fame, dead crabs in Britain, dead fish in Maryland, dead birds in Arkansas (and, not in the Approval Matrix, in Italy), this season’s The Bachelor’s bachelor.

To see where all of this falls in The Approval Matrix, click here.  Each Monday I look forward to coming home to the new issue of NYMag.  I highly recommend subscribing!

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