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Mykonos Ma Belle

January 3, 2011

Happy 2011!!  New Year, new vacation plans?  Here’s some information about an island I love, Mykonos, Greece.  Mykonos is a place for luxuriously lazy beach days, seaside feasts of Greek seafood and champagne, sunning poolside with a view of ancient islands, massages and spritzes on your chaise lounge, nightlife with majestic views and beautiful people from all different countries.  Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your Mykonos vacation . . . bon vacances!

Gene (my husband) and I flew here on Aegean Air.  The party really started at the airport in Athens, because everyone going on this flight was so happy & excited to be returning to their favorite Greek island. The in-flight magazine had detailed recommendations for Mykonos, which we used throughout our stay.  Try to fly this airline, you will love it!

Due to a delayed flight from New York, we had a day to spend in Athens before our nighttime flight to Mykonos, and we missed a day in Mykonos. If this happens to you, use the layover to visit the Acropolis of Athens and the Contemporary Art Museum, which was designed for the Olympics.

Once in Mykonos, Gene and I tried to hit up all the places that had been recommended to us.  Gene had gone on a business trip to Athens and his Greek counterpart whose traveled to Mykonos for more summers than he can count, told us all his favorite spots. He recommended Sea Satin for dinner, Caprice for seaside evening drinks and some dancing, and Cavo Paradiso nightclub for dancing into the night and watching the sunrise.

We also were walking our dog one day in Manhattan, when a cute couple stopped to admire him.  They asked about the dog and said they were from Greece, so we asked about Mykonos.  The beautiful couple told us their favorite beach was Agios Sostis, that it was out of the way but we had to go there.  We made this a priority and our so glad we did, as it’s remote and quiet, with a cute family-owned Greek barbecue restaurant next to it that has no electricity so everything is cooked in the barbecue pit.  This restaurant is Kiki’s.  You have to rent a car (or some people rent ATV”s but I could not fit the beach umbrella and all my sunscreens, hats, and magazines in that).

We stayed at the Mykonos Grand, which I think I found on TripAdvisor.  It was gorgeous and the service was exceptionally grand.  You feel like a VIP, with a sense that you’re staying at your OWN whitewashed villa with secret walkways, private beach, and exclusive views.  If you don’t stay there, you should go to the adjacent beach Agios Iannis on one day of your stay.  It’s quiet and pretty, and there’s  a cute bar-restaurant.  My friend went to Mykonos a few weeks after us and stayed at the Belvedere, another great hotel.  I think the Belvedere is better for singles and those who want to be in the center of the party action. 

Here are more details from our Greek friend:

My favorite beach is Psarou.  There’s decent water and a great view there.  Psarou is definitely a luxury beach.  I saw Versace there one time.  They have great beach chairs which are a little close together and come at a price (35 euro for a set of chairs and umbrella for the day) but I think it’s worth it if you spend most of your day there.  It is somewhat expensive (a bottle of Evian costs 15 euro and they serve it like a bottle of vodka in a club) but I kind of think it’s worth it as long as you don’t do it every day. NOTE: You must reserve a bed at this beach, and I recommend making the reservation a month or more in advance since it’s quite popular.  When we arrived all chairs were reserved, so we took chaise lounges next door (albeit RIGHT next door, and only 7 euros.  There’s a good DJ there too.  Also, there’s a good restaurant, N’Ammos, an upscale Greek tavern right on the beach there.  Also a little expensive, but kind of worth it.  I had a pasta for lunch there that was my favorite meal in Mykonos.

The N’Ammo beach club & restaurant also has a beautiful shop behind it.

Also, I don’t know how long you’ll be there or whether you’ll want to stay out too late, but you should check out Cavo Paradiso near Paradise beach.  It opens around 1AM, but has amazing views and it’s cool to see sunrise there.  They play a lot of house music though so I don’t know if you’re into that, but we also found it fun for meeting young people from all over the world, including Italy, Jordan, England. Actually we spent most of the night talking to adorable 18-year-old girls from Lake Como, Italy who’d ridden their rented vespas to the nightclub (not recommended, since it’s a windy, steep drive) , one without headlights!

Go to Sea Satin for dinner.  It’s near the Little Venice area in the town.  Good seafood.  It’s right beneath the iconic windmills. You may want to make reservations soon or see if your hotel can books something for you.

Go to Caprice before dinner for a strawberry daiquiri. Pretty cool bar right near the ocean in Little Venice.  I’d say go around 7PM before it gets crowded and when you can still get a seat.  Nice place to watch sunset.  Also, it’s small and gets pretty crowded later at night, but also not a bad place to get drinks after dinner.  Owned by the same people as Sea Satin.

Mamacas, a posh Athens restaurant, has a branch in Mykonos, near the town. There’s also a Matsuhisa (Nobu) on the island.  When you’re rushing or want a break from seafood, try a traditional gyro for lunch one day.  There are many small cafes that serve delicious gyros around Mykonos Town.

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  1. Bryn permalink
    January 4, 2011 10:56 am

    you look so purty and relaxed! we all need vacays more often!

  2. January 7, 2011 12:09 pm

    Mykonos is good fun but islands without airports are much better. I recommend Anti Paros, Amorgos, Folegandros and Serifos. Happy Travels!

  3. Leila permalink
    June 13, 2011 8:02 pm

    A fabulous day trip from Mykonos is Delos, the birthplace of Apollo! A must for any trip to Mykonos.

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