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Post-Snowmaggedon: NYC Spas

December 30, 2010
You’re finally back in NYC, but only after 2 days on the phone with Delta, another day at the airport trying to get onto a flight, and a third day when you, totally defeated, decided to drive halfway across the country back to New York only to be greeted by unplowed roads and no parking.  Exhausted?  Here’s where to recover, since you clearly need pampering:
East Village
1. Russian & Turkish Baths – spend the day enjoying Turkish, Russian, and Swedish Sauna rooms.  take a break for watermelon and beer. possibly run into old friends from college.  have a professional shave, a mud bath, or platza oak leaf rejuvenation shake-down.
2. Acqua Spa – recommended treatment: 60 minute Relaxation Massage ($100), or 60-minute hot stone ceremony ($110).
Noho / Nolita / Soho
1. Maria Bonita – get waxed and beautified before you go out to drink away your lingering stress-travel anxieties.
2. Bliss Soho – it’s where the Bliss spa chain began.  A haven of renewal and pampering, it was voted Best Urban Spa by Conde Nast Traveler.
3. Great Jones Spa – treat yourself to a 60 minute Swedish Massage ($140).  After your treatment spend as much time as you want in the spa’s saunas and hottubs.
West Village
1. Clay Spa – Treat yourself to a massage or facial, and sign up for a complimentary Clay day to enjoy the rest of Clay’s luxurious facilities.
2. Brigitte Mansfield European Day Spa –  Go for the crème fraîche wrap ($160). In this treatment “[t]he natural skin-smoother is combined with cocoa butter and spread on your body. You are then cocooned in a thermal blanket for twenty minutes, showered off, and given a light massage ($160).” – NYMag.

Susan Ciminelli – this facial will nourish your skin and your mind, as Susan gives you healthy skin maintenance advice including nutrition and at-home cleansing tips while you basque in her perfect massage & lotions.

Any other pampering recommendations?  Please leave a comment.

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