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Merry Christmas Baby

December 26, 2010

An Otis Redding song to add some soul to your holiday weekend. Bon Noel~

I want to thank blksista for introducing me to this song this morning.  It’s such a soulful, rich song and a wonderful soundtrack to a snowy Christmas weekend day in New York.  Here’s a little more on Otis Redding from This Black Sista’s Page:

“Otis Redding was also a songwriter. It was he who wrote the song, “Respect,” that later made Aretha Franklin the iconic Queen of Soul. Understand that Redding recorded “Respect” in the male voice, but Franklin’s rendition made it almost a womanist text about emotional and sensual equality in relationships long past the wedding and the ring….

If he had lived, Otis Redding would have been 69 years old. To me, he–as well as Al Green–was the epitome of male soul: life-affirming and blues-exuberant even in sadness, and from a working man’s ethos and sweat and heart. Redding had his feet on the ground–and you can say in the soil–of black Southern music. ”

For more information on Otis Redding, please visit This Black Sista’s Page.

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